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Using this soap is a sure way to have a relaxing experience. The fragrance is just so comforting and refreshing. Love it!

Who knew scales would smell so good?

The fragrance of Dragon Turtle Scales soap has made this my go to in the morning. It’s just so refreshing and sets the tone perfectly fit the rest of the day. Get yourself a couple of bars right now and start your day off right!

Yo, Ho, Ho and a bottle of Rum!

A deliciously spicy smell! It's smell like if Ernest Hemingway had been a pirate drinking rum, while sailing on the Indian Ocean. I'm surprised at just how gentle this is on my sensitive skin considering how rich of a smell it has. WELL DONE!

Spring Fey Crossing - Fresh Air and Aloe
The epitome of clean

Exactly that! It's a very gentle and clean smell. Almost like that morning dew on fresh clovers. I love how the scents can conjure up these images. My skin loves it.

Gently floral.

This is my "pampering in a long bath" soap. The floral notes are to die for, it smells like you'd imagine an over abundant cottage garden would smell like. A gentle wafting of flowers on the breeze. Gorgeous scent and super gentle on my skin.

Amazing and subtle.

I'll start by saying I'm a soap addict, and ALL the smelly good stuff, but usually my hyper reactive skin can't handle heavy fragrances. With that said...This soap is unbelievable! I go between more flowery smells to more musky styles, and this scent is divine. It's usually my go-to in the shower. It has this...stoney quality about it and yet super clean. But how does my hyper sensitive skin like it? Loves it. No problems at all, I feel clean but not dried out, not a single reaction to the fragrances, and am left will a subtle scent afterwards. It's some good stuff!


I have very dry skin and this soap is incredible. Not only does it smell amazing but my skin feels so refreshed and hydrated after. Will never get other soap again!


Such a clean, neutral scent! This is so nice to use. Truly recommend it!

A top tier exfoliant!

As someone who likes a bit of grit with their soap, the Kracken's Wake does not disappoint. I love the way my skin smells and feels after using the Kracken's Wake bar soap. The exfoliating properties leave my skin feeling extra soft and gives me that after-shower "glow". I will definitely be purchasing more.

Actually awesome soap

I used to use body wash, but after trying out Dungeon Soap I've been using this and it's amazing. Can actually feel the difference it makes on my skin, and it smells amazing. Subtle and really fresh. Also really like the Kraken one - these guys make great stuff. 10/10.

Enchanted Beast

This is what I feel like after using enchanted forrest. I have been asked by so many strangers why I smell so good, I tell them its because Im an enchanted beast. All thanks to dungeon soap! Cant wait to try them all.

Oh, That's Soap!

I got a few different scents and the Dwarven passage is the first one I used. A nice fresh scent that even my fiance noticed. Feels good on skin and smells good. Recommend.

breath of fresh air

This soap is really lovely and I'm a huge fan of the scent! The blue part is a gorgeous color that looks pretty in my bathroom. The soap makes my skin feel soft and moisturized without leaving any residue behind.

like a field of flowers

This soap is awesome and smells floral in a delicate way that isn't overwhelming and lingers on your skin throughout the day. It also makes your bathroom smell great if you use it in the shower! I love how soft it makes my skin feel without making me feel like there's a greasy residue left on my skin.

Spring Fey Crossing - Fresh Air and Aloe
Holly Glass
smells like an seaside spa day

I love this soap! It's a really pretty jade color that stands out in your bathroom, and the smell is refreshing and reminds me of a fancy spa. I love that all of the Dungeon Soap scents are strong enough to linger on your skin faintly but not so overpowering they overwhelm you. It leaves my skin feeling moisturized but not greasy. I'm excited to try more of the soaps from this brand! Also, the packaging is really cute :)

leaves you with soft, sweet, and supple skin!

This is my favorite exfoliating soap I've ever tried and one of my favorite scents from Dungeon Soaps. I use it on my back, shoulders, and chest in the shower, and it really helps keep my skin soft and smooth, and I've noticed fewer breakouts in these areas. None of the Dungeon Soaps leave my skin with a weird residue or any greasy or squeaky feeling, and this soap is no exception. The scent reminds me of my grandma's house - it's really sweet and creamy, almost like brown sugar oatmeal. It seriously smells delicious, 10/10!

orange creamsicle dreams :)

I am obsessed with this soap, it's definitely my favorite scent of the ones I've tried from Dungeon Soaps! It's definitely citrusy and reminds me of an orange creamsicle, which is a scent I absolutely love. The color is really bright and almost looks like a block of amber, and I love the cute little dragon on the packaging. One thing I've noticed about this soap is that it's fairly soft, so it works best for me as a hand soap next to the sink instead of using it in the shower. If you do want to use it in the shower, make sure you don't leave the soap under the running water because it will "melt" pretty quickly. The nice thing about it being so soft though is that it leaves your skin feeling really moisturized.

gorgeous soap with a fresh and bright scent

I love Dungeon Soaps and have tried several of their products, and this is one of my favorites because the soap is so pretty and the smell is really citrusy and fresh, so it lingers on my skin and brightens my mood throughout the day. There are these gorgeous pink, blue, and purple dapples of color throughout the soap that are a nice change of pace from traditional soaps. This would make an awesome gift for a bisexual person because the colors look really similar to the colors in the bi pride flag! I also love all the branding for these soaps and the fact that they include lore and really cute packaging.

Earth Essence

After using im left smelling like a sweet smell of earth. It is also faint and not too overpowering which is very nice.


I ordered 3 bars and this is definitely my favorite so far. doesn't leave skin dry or slimy and smells incredible definitely recommend as your first buy

Dam this smells GOOD!

Bought my bar about a month ago and its been my favorite bar yet! Feels great after I shower , does not leave the skin dry at all, which has been my problem with other soaps. 10/10 would recommend to anyone . bought two other soaps , cant wait to try them out !!

Mainly Man

I want to be honest and preface this with that I am a friend of the guy who owns this shop, but with that being said I love this soap. The aroma is down right divine. Its probably the manliest man smell I have found in a soap and its amazing. Its not too powerful where it punches you in the face to announce itself, but rather it slowly makes it presence known like a well applied perfume. It also lathers well and has lasted me a while given that I use it as a body wash and a hand soap. Makes me need to buy a soap dish buts a different matter. Other than the smell and lathering, it also has a nice balance for moisturizing and it doesnt hella dry out my skin which is great.

The best one

Hard to choose between a few different options but ultimately ended up with Krakens Wake. It smells amazing and after every shower the whole house gets this burst of freshness! Ive been pleasantly surprised with how long the bar has lasted! On shower 10 and still on bar 1. My wife loves it too, particularly that its an exfoliant, so well probably double order next time. Highly recommended

Release the Kraken!

What grabbed my attention was the musky amber and bourbon notes and the high exfoliating qualities, and it did not disappoint! This is my go-to soap when I need a good scrubbing.


This soap has a wonderful rich and spicy aroma. I was worried that it would be to heavy a scent on my body due to the patchouli but it's just the right amount of fragrance. It leaves my skin feeling soft and not at all dry. I would definitely purchase this again. Highly recommend!!