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Encounter Idea: The Whispering Peak

the whispering peaks in the distance


Setting: High above the rolling hills, where the air turns sharp and the eagle's cry echoes endlessly, lies the Whispering Peak. Crowned with snow and shrouded in thin, ghostly clouds, has been the subject of many local legends. Ancient pines, twisted and gnarled, cling to its steep slopes, and precarious paths wind around its sheer cliffs. At night, travelers camped at its base speak of strange lights dancing on its summit and soft voices carried by the wind, murmuring secrets of the old world.

Box Text for DM: "As your party ascends the narrow mountain trail the air grows cold and sharp, feeling like its ripping at any exposed flesh. Your path is flanked by ancient pines, their branches groaning under the weight of snow. High above you looms the peak, shrouded in a ghostly mist. The mountain seems to watch you, its secrets hidden in the clouds."


  • Eldric the Hermit: A weathered old man with a long, frosty beard and eyes like chips of ice. He lives in a small, stone hut halfway up the mountain. Eldric is rumored to be a retired mage or a fallen noble. He knows the mountain better than anyone and warns of its dangers. His real interest lies in studying the ancient runes carved into the rocks near the summit.
  • Sylra, the Mountain Spirit: A mysterious figure appearing to those who are lost or in danger. Sylra manifests as a shimmering, ethereal woman, her voice barely louder than a whisper. She seeks to protect the mountain's sanctity and guides travelers away from perilous paths, but her guidance is often cryptic.
  • Garak, the Ravenous Bear: A massive, unusually intelligent bear with fur as dark as the night. Garak has been terrorizing the mountain's wildlife and is known to confront travelers. Some believe Garak guards something valuable or sacred hidden deep within the mountain's caves.

a portrait of the hermit, Eldric 

The Quest:

A village at the mountain's base is plagued by mysterious disappearances. The villagers believe the mountain is cursed and beg the adventurers to investigate. The party must navigate the treacherous paths, confront or evade Garak, and uncover the source of the disappearances – a disgruntled spirit tied to an ancient shrine, hidden and forgotten in a cave near the summit.

Objective: The primary goal is to investigate the mysterious occurrences at the Whispering Peak, particularly the source of the strange whispers and the disappearance of villagers and travelers.


  • Navigating the Mountain: The treacherous paths of the Whispering Peak are fraught with natural dangers like avalanches, hidden crevasses, and severe weather. The party must find safe routes while conserving their strength for the challenges ahead.
  • Dealing with Garak, the Ravenous Bear: This intelligent and potentially aggressive bear could be a formidable obstacle. The party will need to decide whether to confront, evade, or possibly communicate with Garak to learn more about the mountain’s mysteries.
  • Supernatural Phenomena: Unexplained events, like ghostly apparitions or reality distortions, challenge the party’s perception and sanity. They must stay focused and not be led astray by the mountain’s enchantments.

Box Text for Quest Hook: "In the flickering light of the tavern's hearth, a distressed villager approaches you. His face, weathered by the harsh mountain winds, carries an expression of deep concern. Pulling up a chair, he leans in and speaks in a low, urgent voice. 'Friends, I've scaled the Whispering Peak for years, but something's changed. There's a chill up there that cuts deeper than winter's bite, and folks who venture too high have gone missing. I'm no stranger to the mountain's dangers, but this is different, darker. Can you brave the perils of the peak and unravel the mystery before it’s too late for us all?’"

the small town under the whispering peaks


  • The Whispering Stone: An ancient stone from the shrine that enhances the bearer's hearing, allowing them to pick up distant sounds and whispers. Also grants a limited ability to communicate over long distances.
  • Tome of Mountain Secrets: A rare book from Eldric's collection, containing knowledge about mountainous terrain, local flora and fauna, and forgotten mountain trails. It can provide advantages in survival and nature checks in similar environments.
  • Sylra's Boon: A charm given by the Mountain Spirit that grants the bearer resistance to cold and altitude sickness. It may also provide a one-time use of a powerful spell like "Wind Walk" or "Control Weather."
  • Garak's Treasure: If Garak is defeated or befriended, the party discovers a hidden cache of treasure in its lair, including valuable gems, gold, and possibly a minor magical item.
  • Eldric's Assistance: Eldric offers his expertise in magic or history for future quests, or he could provide a one-time magical service like enchanting an item or casting a complex spell.


  • Ignoring the quest could lead to more disappearances, eventually causing the village to become abandoned or vanish.
  • Failing to properly handle the spirit might unleash its influence, causing it to sow discord and madness in nearby settlements.
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