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Why are you doing this?

The wide world of soaps didn't have much geared towards this community and we wanted to change that.

Why isn't the soap shaped like a d20?

Standard bars are easier to produce, store, ship, and even to use; they don't turn into slippery spheres after a few showers.

Why don't the soaps have dice in them?

We would never want to step on a d4 in the shower, and wouldn't wish that on anyone.

Plus there's more soap in your bar in it's not full of dice!

What's the difference between "all-natural" and "magic" soap?

Believe it or not, they have mostly the same ingredients! The only difference between them, is that the "magic" items have some added fragrances and/or dye that are naturally derived, but are not "all natural".

Before we started, we saw many companies marketed as "all natural" and went on to find "fragrance" listed in many of them, which is not a natural ingredient.

By no means are these harmful additions, we use them too, but we believe in honesty and full transparency with our product.

Where is this made?

Handmade in North Carolina

What do you mean when you when you say "formulated for humans"?

This is kind of a joke pointed at all of the brands out there that are "formulated for men". We wanted to let people know that who or whatever you are, we're happy to serve you. 

What do I do if I still have questions?

 Contact us here!