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Flaming swords for your D&D game

Clean up your game with a few flaming swords! These are pretty strong, so use with caution 🔥

-Give these to enemies for a challenging fight with great loot

-Tuck them into deep dungeons, lost to legends

-Use them as rewards from powerful entities, from beyond our world

a bronze hilt with no blade, just flames on a light background

Phoenix Rising: A magic hilt of a sword that produces flames to cut like a blade.

It can take the shape of a dagger, short sword, or longsword at the wielders command. It deals damage based on its form plus 3d6 fire damage

Those who are deemed "worthy" by the sword can summon flaming wings once per day, for 60 seconds. A few select people may be able to unlock the power to come back from death itself.

If this happens the sword loses its magic properties. This could be forever, or a time limit set by the DM

a short sword with no hilt and red flames around it on a gray background

Ember Weaver: This +2 short sword burns indiscriminately when drawn. It deals an extra 2d6 fire damage per attack, and easily sets fire to inanimate objects.

It has an absorb elements type of effect, giving its wielder resistance to fire damage. Each instance of resisted fire damage gives the sword one charge (max 5 charges).

You can use all 5 charges to cast burning hands as part of a melee attack

a sword with a dark hilt and red flames around it. it is on a dark background with

Molten Edge: This +3 great sword has an unusual obsidian hilt, and a red hot blade. Its deals an additional d10 of fire each attack

It emits heat in a 10ft radius giving all creatures immunity to cold damage. This can be turned on or off at will.

As an action, it can be pressed into the ground to cause lava to bubble up around it in a 30ft radius. The wielder is immune to any damage from this

a sword pointed towards the ground with blue and red flames around it

Blaze of Glory: A cursed sword that compels its user into glorious combat. It can be any kind of sword.

As the wielder loses HP in combat, the Blaze of Glory bursts into flames and continues to burn hotter and hotter. This dishes out more damage on attacks, but causing some damage to the user.

For each chunk of HP lost (could be a percentage of total HP, or a fixed amount) add 1d6 to each attack. Each step up in flames deals Xd6 to the user (X being the new attack bonus)

If the wielder drops to 0 HP, they must roll a d20. On a 1, the sword casts level 5 fireball on itself

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