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NPC: Finnegan Swiftfoot, the Tactician

NPC Introduction

Finnegan Swiftfoot, a halfling tactician, not renowned for his strategic prowess but for his incredibly poor plans that, against all odds, tend to succeed due to sheer luck.

Why Finnegan: Despite his lack of real tactical prowess, Finnegan possesses an uncanny streak of luck that turns his most harebrained schemes into unexpected victories. This has earned him a reputation as a "charmed strategist," with many seeking his advice purely for the novelty and unpredictability.

Personality: Finnegan is an eternal optimist, always cheerful and brimming with confidence, especially in his outlandish plans. He approaches challenges with a mix of naivety and ingenuity, often surprising those around him with strokes of genius. Despite his unconventional approach, he cares deeply about the well-being of those he advises, and his luck has yet to run out.

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The Quest

Issue at Hand: A local lord has hired Finnegan to rid of some marauders that have been pillaging the countryside. Finnegan's solution is as unconventional as it is questionable: a fake treasure hunt designed to lead the marauders into a series of traps that are as much about slapstick comedy as they are about capture.

Plot Hooks:

  • The party is hired to assist in the execution of Finnegan's plan, ensuring that the various stages of his treasure hunt go off without a hitch.
  • The party encounters the marauders following one of Finnegan's bizarre clues and must decide whether to intervene or see how the situation unfolds.
  • Finnegan's plans have inadvertently endangered a local village, and the party must mitigate the damage.

Objective: Successfully lure the marauders through the fake treasure hunt and capture them, or at least drive them away from the region.

Stipulations: The party must adhere to Finnegan's plans as closely as possible, despite any reservations about their efficacy. Improvisation is welcome but should maintain the spirit of Finnegan's strategy.

Additional Dynamics:

  • Potential Culprits: A rival tactician who seeks to discredit Finnegan by sabotaging his plans, adding an element of intrigue and urgency to the quest.
  • Motives: The rival tactician is motivated by jealousy of Finnegan's fame and the desire to prove that traditional strategies are superior.



Outcomes and Rewards

Consequences of Failing Stipulations (Success with Caveats):

  • Effect on NPC: Finnegan's reputation suffers, but his luck ensures that the fallout is not as severe as it could be. He remains optimistic and ready to plan another day.
  • Effect on Party: The party may receive a lesser reward and find themselves the butt of local jokes.
  • Effect on Region: The marauders are confused but not entirely deterred, leading to continued, though less frequent, raids.

Consequences of Quest Failure:

  • Effect on NPC: Finnegan faces a crisis of confidence, questioning his luck for the first time.
  • Effect on Party: The party faces criticism for their role in the failed plan and may have to contend with increased marauder activity as a result.
  • Effect on Region: The marauders are emboldened, leading to more aggressive and frequent raids.

Consequences of Success:

  • Effect on NPC: Finnegan’s reputation skyrockets. He becomes a local celebrity, sought after for advice by those facing impossible odds, though his methods remain as unconventional as ever.
  • Effect on Region: The region experiences a surge in morale and unity as tales of the bizarre victory spread. The success dissuades further marauder attacks, at least temporarily, and sparks a newfound appreciation for creativity and unconventional thinking in solving problems.
  • Effect on the Party: Chose any or all of the rewards below to give to the party!



  • Cloak of Serendipity: A seemingly ordinary, patchwork cloak that Finnegan attributes much of his luck to. Once per day, the wearer can reroll a single dice roll (attack roll, saving throw, or ability check), but must take the second result, symbolizing a gamble on luck.
  • Boots of Misguided Steps: These enchanted boots allow the wearer to unintentionally avoid danger. Once per short rest, when the wearer would trigger a trap or an attack of opportunity, they can activate the boots to "accidentally" take a different step, avoiding the trigger entirely.
  • Finnegan's Lucky Coin: A simple copper coin with Finnegan's smiling face on one side and his feet on the other. Once per long rest, flipping the coin grants the user advantage on a skill check of their choice if it lands on Finnegan's face (a 50/50 chance). If it lands on his feet, the user must perform their next action with disadvantage, representing the fickle nature of luck.

Narrative Rewards:

  • Finnegan's Friendship: Earning Finnegan's genuine friendship means the party can count on him for assistance in the most unpredictable ways. This could range from Finnegan unexpectedly showing up to help in a tight situation (with his luck miraculously turning the tide) to him sending bizarre but surprisingly useful gifts to the party at critical moments.
  • A Tale of Luck: The party becomes the subject of a popular tale that spreads across the region, detailing their involvement in Finnegan's ludicrous plan. This notoriety could lead to other NPCs recognizing them on sight, offering them discounts, information, or requesting their help, believing in their "charmed" nature.
  • The Tacticians Secrets: Finnegan shares with the party his personal notebook, filled with his most outlandish plans and the theories behind his "strategic" decisions. Studying this notebook can grant the party insight into unconventional tactics, providing inspiration for creative problem-solving in future challenges. This could manifest as a bonus to creativity-driven skill checks or advantage on checks when the party adopts a particularly unorthodox approach in line with Finnegan's teachings.


Becoming a Recurring Character

  • Consultant for the Unusual: After their initial success, the party get Finnegan's advice for unconventional solutions to their problems, making him a go-to consultant for situations that defy traditional approaches. Though they won’t be as lucky without him.
  • Finnegan's Follies: A series of side quests called "Finnegan's Follies," where Finnegan experiments with new strategies. These can range from bizarre competitions to testing outlandish inventions, offering the party opportunities to engage in lighter, humorous adventures that provide a break from the main storyline.
  • Unexpected Encounters: Finnegan occasionally crosses paths with the party during their travels, each time embroiled in a new, often self-inflicted predicament. These chance meetings can provide assistance, information, or simply comic relief, reinforcing his role as a beloved character without making every encounter a mission.
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