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Plot Idea: The Crimson Eclipse

Theme: Cosmic Horror, Ancient Prophecies, and Doomed Civilizations
Setting: The kingdom of Astoria, renowned for its grand citadels, fertile valleys, and bustling market towns. High above, the twin moons of Silver Seraph and Blood Banshee cast their glow, bearing an age-old prophecy.
Major Conflict: The rare Crimson Eclipse is drawing near. As it approaches, odd disturbances plague Astoria: crops wither, shadows whisper, and the veil between realms thins.
The moon over the kingdom of Astoria
Key NPCs:
  • King Valerion: The wise yet skeptical ruler of Astoria. Respected and fair, he struggles with the increasing chaos and the superstitions surrounding the eclipse.
  • Oracle Calista: Guardian of Astoria's celestial traditions and prophecies. She's convinced that an ancient ritual can counter the doom foretold by the upcoming eclipse.
  • Thane, the Starborne: An outsider with a deep connection to the cosmos. His cryptic knowledge about the true nature of the moons intrigues, aids, and occasionally confounds the adventurers.
Acts Breakdown:
Act 1: Portents of Doom
  1. Astoria in Turmoil: Astoria faces unnatural phenomena: reversed river flows, unending nights, and ethereal spirits taking form.
  2. Consulting the Oracle: The party is directed to or seeks out Oracle Calista, who enlightens them about the Crimson Eclipse and the foretold calamities.
  3. Ancient Clues: Research reveals a ritual that might counter the impending doom, but the ingredients are elusive and fraught with danger.
Act 2: Gathering the Celestial Elements
  1. Banshee's Haunt: In search of a vital ingredient, the party ventures into a cursed grove, haunted by spirits and touched by the Blood Banshee's energy.
  2. Sands of Seraph: Along Astoria's remote coastline, the party seeks the rare Silver Sands, which shimmer uniquely under the Silver Seraph's glow.
  3. The Cosmic Heart: Guided by Thane, the adventurers unearth a meteor fragment, an ancient relic containing power from beyond their world. But retrieving it isn't easy, with eldritch guardians standing in their way.
Act 3: The Eclipse Ascends
  1. Ritual Preparations: With all components in hand, the party collaborates with Oracle Calista to ready the ritual at Astoria's highest temple.
  2. Starborne  Revelations: Thane unveils that the moons are not mere celestial bodies, but are cosmic entities in an eternal struggle. The Crimson Eclipse is a moment of convergence.
  3. Between Light and Shadow: As the Blood Banshee starts to eclipse the Silver Seraph, the very fabric of Astoria is altered. The party must navigate this altered realm, interact with the cosmic manifestations of the moons, and complete the ritual.
The Blood Banshee in front of a crimson moon
Endgame Scenarios:
  • Restored Balance: With the ritual's success, the Blood Banshee retreats, Astoria returns to normalcy, and balance is re-established.
  • Eternal  Twilight: If the Blood Banshee overshadows the Silver Seraph completely, Astoria is trapped in a state of perpetual dusk, leading to a new era with unknown challenges.
  • Realms Converged: Astoria becomes a nexus of multiple dimensions, opening gateways to uncharted territories and introducing alien entities and cultures.
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