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BBEG: Bromm the Iron Warlord

Portrait of Bromm the Iron Warlord

Name & Title: Bromm, The Iron Warlord, The Enchanted Knight, The Unyielding Emperor.

Personality Traits:

  • Tactical: Every move Bromm makes is calculated, ensuring maximum impact.
  • Disciplined: His knightly training hasn't waned; he expects and commands order and precision from himself and his forces.
  • Unyielding: Bromm's determination is unwavering; once he sets a goal, he pursues it with relentless vigor.
  • Bitter: The betrayal he suffered has deeply scarred him, making him distrustful and resentful.
  • Imposing: His presence alone commands respect, and his voice reverberates with authority.

Appearance: Bromm is a towering figure, his physique enhanced by the dark metallic armor he wears. His face, shows signs of battle scars, and his eyes shine with an unnatural luminance. A flowing cape, tattered from countless battles, trails behind him, symbolizing his relentless march forward.

Origin Story: Bromm was once the pride of his kingdom, a knight celebrated for his valor and dedication. But treachery from within the royal court led to his disgrace. In his exile, he stumbled upon an ancient mystical armor, which not only enhanced his physical capabilities but also twisted his psyche, amplifying his desire for vengeance, and eventually conquest.

Key Moments:

  1. The Betrayal: Bromm was falsely accused of a heinous crime, leading to his public humiliation and subsequent exile from the kingdom.
  2. Fusion with the Armor: In his wanderings, Bromm discovered the remains of an ancient warrior clad in the enchanted armor. When he donned it, their souls merged, and Bromm was reborn with newfound purpose.
  3. First Conquest: Bromm, with his newfound power, took over a neighboring territory, solidifying his intent to build an empire.

Filling in the Blanks:

  • The armor could have once belonged to a tyrannical warlord from eons ago, and its spirit now seeks to continue its legacy through Bromm.
  • Bromm might have had a love interest in the kingdom, who now serves the very monarchy that betrayed him.
  • There could be whispers of a ritual that could separate Bromm from the armor, potentially redeeming him.


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Driving Force: A potent mix of personal vendetta against his betrayers and the armor's insatiable lust for power. Bromm is driven to establish an empire where his word is absolute.

Filling in the Blanks:

  • The armor might sometimes take control, leading Bromm to acts even he finds extreme.
  • There could be a faction within his army that sees Bromm as a god-like figure and worships him.
  • Bromm may occasionally be haunted by memories of his honorable past, leading to moments of internal conflict.


Endgame: Bromm aims to dethrone the current monarchy, establishing his own militaristic empire, where might makes right.

Filling in the Blanks:

  • Besides conquest, Bromm might be seeking to build massive fortresses across the land, symbols of his dominance.
  • He could be looking to forge alliances with other warlords or powerful entities, consolidating his rule.
  • There might be an ancient throne or artifact that Bromm believes will solidify his claim as the rightful ruler.

Bromms army standing at attention

Tactics & Methods: Using his militaristic prowess, Bromm orchestrates large scale invasions, toppling governments and expanding his territories. His knowledge of ancient tactics and the armor's mystical capabilities make him a formidable strategist.

Key Allies & Resources: Bromm's Iron Legion, a group of elite warriors; war mages trained in battle magic; siege engines imbued with dark enchantments.

Filling in the Blanks:

  • Bromm might have a council of warlords, each governing a section of his empire.
  • He could possess a tome detailing forbidden war strategies and dark rituals.
  • Bromm may be in search of other mystical armors or weapons to equip his top generals with, further enhancing his army's strength.

Bromms attack

Introduction to Players: As the city's defenses crumble, the party witnesses the raw power of Bromm's forces. Amidst the chaos, the imposing figure of the Iron Warlord stands tall, his eyes scanning the horizon, signaling the dawn of a new era.

Filling in the Blanks:

  • The party could find a survivor from Bromm's past, providing insights into his life before the armor.
  • An underground resistance might seek the party's help in gathering intel or launching guerrilla attacks against Bromm's forces.
  • The players might uncover an ancient prophecy suggesting that Bromm's reign is but a precursor to an even greater threat.
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